26 jun 2013

MADO Madrid – 7 Facts about Europe’s biggest Gay Pride Parade!

The MADO: the best Gay Pride!

Exceptional, phenomenal, glamorous, huge, offbeat, unique, astonishing… - there are far more words to describe Madrid’s Gaypride MADRID ORGULLO (MADO) but most of the time you will just be left speechless by what’s going on.

The International Gay Pride celebrations take place this week in Madrid from the 2nd July to the 6th and kick off tomorrow evening  with a “pregón” (opening speech) in Plaza de Chueca. From this point onwards the Madrid gay or gay-friendly community will transform Madrid into an ocean of rainbow colors, symbols of tolerance, joy, uniqueness, fun, love and beauty. 

GAY PRIDE - 7 things you need to know

    MADO – MADO is short for Madrid Orgullo (Madrid Pride). Open air concerts, 5 different party scenes, art, culture, sports and fun – all this you can enjoy around the district of Chueca during 5 days of partying. Over 500 businesses (bars, cafés, restaurants, book stores, travel agencies, gyms, hotels, …)  directed to the LGTB society will take part in the biggest gay pride parade of Europe.  

The high-heels race: a must-see
2  LEGENDARY HEELS – The legendary stilletto race is held in Calle Pelayo every year and this year takes place on the 3rd. Grab your heels and prepare your feet for what could be one of the most entertaining races you'll compete in. If you don't feel confident with your stilletto skills, it is just as entertaining to watch others try!

3.  MUESTRA-T – This year Plaza del Rey is hosting the MuestraT Festival. There will be a special program with a showcase for young musical talents, art exhibitions, theatre, dance performances...

4.    FAMILY – The “LA CULTA” is the MADO festival of social art, urban style and social protest. It includes various expositions and displays in the Plaza de Chueca and the Plaza del Rey such as the MiniCine LGBT that will be showing a series of short films directed by the likes of Héctor Aladí and Antonio Ufarte. 

Don't miss the Mister Gay contest!
6.    MISTER GAY – Don’t miss the Mr. Gay Pride Spain Final on Friday at Plaza Callao! After an extraordinarily glamorous show with international music stars and three Mr. Gay catwalks, the final beachwear catwalk will drive the crowd crazy and Spain will crown their Mr. Gay, who will then represent the country in the Mr. Gay Europe and Mr. Gay World competitions.

7.    MUSIC – Plaza Callao will be the scene of today’s best music, with international DJs and guest appearances by pop artists. In 2010 Kylie Minogue showed up! Let’s see who will be visiting this year!

9.    CLIMAX – The 2014 MADO festivities reach their climax on Saturday 5th July when the parade vindicating the rights of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community attracts more than two million people from all over the world. The parade floats will set off on their route from Atocha at 6pm and finish a good 7 hours later in the Plaza de Colon. The biggest party is set to take place right there!

People enjoying the MADO in the streets
It’s definitely time to start thinking about how to dress, where to go and when to sleep (no worries, a human being can stand some days without any sleep!).

If you want to find out more interesting facts about the celebrations have a look at our other article Madrid's Gay Pride Parade 2014.

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