11 ago 2014

Event of the Week in Madrid: Mercado Central de Diseño

Mercado Central de
Diseño: find something
unique in Madrid.

After an exciting weekend at Veranos de la Villa, let's start planning for the week ahead! With all the Madrileños away on holiday, there are less people, cars and traffic in Madrid, making it even easier to explore the beautiful capital!

This week, no doubt, your evenings will be full of celebrations with all the amazing Madrid festivities for Virgen de la Paloma.  However, make sure you don’t miss this special event:  


1. What is the Mercado Central de Diseño?


Deux Souliers won the
prize for the brand
with the most impact.

Mercado Central de Diseño has been described as a ‘market of talent’, and with good reason: 42 of the most ingenious designers, with 602 brands and 3276 different products! From furniture to jewellery and accessories, nobody can say no to a mixture of Spanish fashion and hand-picked international designers! As all of their designers are particularly innovative, the products you’ll see at the Mercado Central de Diseño are something special: you won’t find them elsewhere. Fnac Callao have a wonderful blog in Spanish, where you can find out more about the Mercado Central de Diseño and the designers.

2. Whereabouts in Madrid is the event?


 The Mercado Central de Diseño is at the Forum de Fnac, Callao (calle Preciados, 28). Open Monday-Sunday from 9am-11pm; so you have no excuse not to pay a visit!

These crowd-stopping sunglasses
are just what you need
for the Madrid sunshine.

3. What else is happening at the Mercado Central de Diseño? 


Try your hand at design: this Thursday 14th August, Fábrica de Texturas will be giving you an insight into the top tips and secrets of the industry, with design kits, demonstrations, tutorials and much more! With this event, you can kill two birds in one stone: practice your Spanish and discover the famous world of Spanish design...

Whether you're a shopping addict, interested in Spanish fashion or just want to take in a bit of Spanish culture, this event is for you! If you go, we’d love to know what you thought! Who was your favourite designer?

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