18 ago 2014

Event of the Week in Madrid: Pop Art Exhibition at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Woman in the Bath:
a famous Pop Art painting
by Roy Lichtenstein.
The Thyssen museum is one of the most popular and highly regarded museums in Madrid. Whether you’re an art lover or just ready to soak up some Spanish culture, this Pop Art exhibition is bound to impress. Featuring over 100 works of art and being the first Pop Art exhibition since 1992 (the most recent being at the Reina Sofía, also in Madrid), this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss!



1. What’s so special about the Thyssen’s Pop Art Exhibition?

With Madrid being so quiet
in August, now is the perfect
time to visit the exhibition.
The exhibition includes art work from over 50 museums and private collections from all over the world, so there’ll definitely be something that catches your eye! It includes artwork from many famous art galleries and museums including the Mugrabi collection in New York, the London Tate and the National Gallery of Washington, and it’s all right here on your doorstep here in Madrid. The Thyssen’s Pop Art Exhibition aims to look into the myths surrounding Pop Art, from a modern point of view, and reflect upon how Pop Art perceives reality.


2. What was the Pop Art movement about?

The Pop Art movement proved
any type of image could be
turned into art.

Pop Art is described by many as one of the most liberating art movements. Beginning in the late 1950s in Britain and later expanding into America and Europe, Pop Art was the movement that proved that any image could be art; for the first time images from advertisements and news articles were included in works of art. It was an ironic movement, removing previous stereotypes about art. One of the most famous Pop Art artists is Andy Warhol, who was especially famous for his paintings of Campbell’s soup cans.


3. How do I buy tickets for the Pop Art Exhibition at the Thyssen Museum?

Buying tickets online couldn’t be easier! This way you can even reserve them prior to your arrival in Madrid. Tickets to the Pop Art Exhibition cost 11€, but you can pay a reduced admission price of 7€ if you are a student, over 65, or for other reasons which you can view on the Thyssen’s ticket page.

Have you bought tickets for the exhibition? Once you've visited the exhibition, we´d love to know which painting was your favourite!

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