15 sept 2014

Event of the Week in Madrid: Vogue Fashion Night Out

The Vogue Fashion
 Night Out is famous
around the world.

This Thursday, 18th September, the Vogue Fashion Night Out returns to Madrid! Madrid is without doubt a world-famous fashion centre. You only need to walk down calle Serrano to get a taste of incredible world-renowned fashion lables: Prada, Loewe and much more… However, we can’t all afford to go shopping in Prada every day (or even every year…), but with the Vogue Fashion Night Out, everyone can enjoy a night of  amazing fashion. The event began in 2009, and turned into an annual event: you can’t afford to miss it! 

We've done all the hard work for you: here you can find out about all the best promotions and discounts that you can find at the Vogue Fashion Night Out, as well as the important registration details!

1.    What is the Vogue Fashion Night Out exactly?


Calle Serrano is the fashion
 centre of Madrid. 
The Vogue Fashion Night Out is an event that takes place every year in the world fashion capitals: Milan, Paris, New York and Madrid of course. The Salamanca and Sales-Fuencarral areas (both incredibly famous for fashion) are the heart of the Madrid event. But, this is not just a normal shopping evening! 180 shops will be open until midnight with promotions, free gifts, free make-up sessions, live music, shows…! 

2.    So, where are the best promotions, and what special events will be taking place?


Plenty of shops will have special promotions, but here are some of our favourites:

1.    Yanes invites you to their store in Goya where you can enjoy their incredible jewellery at up to 50% off!
2.    The jewelers Tous (in Goya and Serrano) will give you a free gift with every purchase.

3.    You will receive a beautiful scarf completely free of charge with every purchase in Trucco (Claudio Coello and Serrano).
Who can say no to
beautiful make-up?

4.    Gayubo, with a stand in El Corte Inglés, will give a free gift to anyone that stops by!
5.    You can go for a free make-up session, and enjoy the exciting photobooth at Benefit Cosmetics.

6.    At Kiko Milano (Goya, Fuencarral and Gran Vía), you can enjoy a free make-up session (but you will need to reserve in advance.)

There is so much more to discover at the Vogue Fashion Night Out, and other shops are going to confirm extra promotions in the upcoming days!



3.    How do I register?


We recommend registering for the Vogue Fashion Night Out online (it’s completely free!).

Have a great evening at the Vogue Fashion Night Out, enjoy seeing some of the best Spanish fashion, and get ready for some discounted designer purchases.

The event is open to everyone, so just go along and enjoy the evening!

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