18 sept 2014

The 5 best bars in Madrid

Madrid has more bars than
 any other city in the world!
When you arrive in Madrid for the first time, one of the first things you will notice is just how many bars there are! And if you’re not staying in Madrid for a long time, it can be tricky to know just where to start! We have already talked about our favourite bars in Cava Baja, in La Latina; but now let’s look at our pick of the best bars in the whole of Madrid. These are special places which you really can’t afford to leave Madrid without visiting! Our selection includes all different kinds of bars, because in Madrid there really is something for everyone!

1.    The Azotea de Bellas Artes


Nighttime views from the Azotea
Many people would happily name the Azotea as their favourite bar in Madrid, and with good reason! Located on the seventh floor of the Círculo de Bellas Artes, the views are out of this world, totally incomparable to anything you will find in the rest of Madrid. The Azotea is perfect for any occasion: a romantic night out, that moment when family or friends come to visit, or just for a casual drink before a night out. Its beauty is completely unbeatable. Why not go during the day, and again at night, to see the different (but equally exceptional) views?

Metro: Banco de España or Sevilla

C/ Alcalá, 42

2.    Marca Sports Café 


One of the best places to
 watch sport in Madrid.
If you’re a football fan (or a fan of any sport, to be honest), Marca Sports Café will without doubt quickly turn into your favourite place in the city! With 40 HD screens showing every possible sport’s game you could think of, you can only imagine the incredible environment in the bar! If you get bored of watching the games (or the ad break starts…), go and enjoy the videogames and inflatables, as well as workshops for children (so you really can bring the whole family). As always, there is a vast selection of drinks and Spanish food, so a fantastic night out with other sports fans couldn´t be easier: great company and fabulous food!

Metro: Nuevos Ministerios

C/ Orense, 11

3.    Entre Cáceres y Badajoz


A local bar with a great atmosphere.
Looking for free tapas and a true Spanish atmosphere? This is your place! For less than 2€ for a large glass of beer, you will be given one or two large portions of free tapas! The tapas here are always authentic and freshly made. So it’s a bit of a lottery as to what you’ll get, but with the incredible quality, nobody is complaining; you will love them! This bar is always full of people, but it’s a big bar with plenty of space for everyone.

Metro: Manuel Becerrra

C/ Don Ramón de la Cruz, 109

4. Docamar 


More than 50 years on,
the bravas are still outstanding.
Docamar’s slogan is ‘The best bravas in Madrid since 1963’. So whether or not you´ve tried patatas bravas yet, (a divine plate of beautifully fried potatoes with a slightly spicy tomato sauce) you can’t come to Madrid and not give this bar a try. More than 3,000 kilos of potatoes are eaten here every week! As well as the patatas bravas, they have an extensive menu with other traditional tapas items and a great drinks selection! Locals rave about this place, not just because of the exceptional bravas, but also because of the bags of character the bar has, from its 50 years in action.

Metro: Quintana 

C/ Alcalá, 337


5.    Bodega de La Ardosa

The inside of this bar really
stands out from the crowd.
This bar is pretty special, and not just because it’s been around for over a century and a half (although we have to admit, that in itself is pretty impressive!).  Its friendly staff, efficient service and authentic Spanish tapas make this bar well-known and loved by locals and tourists alike. Its specialties include mouth watering onions filled with tuna, and freshly made Spanish tortilla. Hungry yet? ;) They even offer breakfast, so there really is no excuse not to pay La Ardosa a visit during your stay in Madrid!

Metro: Tribunal

C/ Colón, 13

So, there you have it, a selection of our favourite bars! We hope you find one that suits you! Have you tried any of our suggestions? Or is there another bar you would like to recommend? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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