14 jun 2017

Gay Pride is World Pride in Madrid

Exceptional, phenomenal, glamorous, huge, extraordinary, unique, stimulating – there are many more words that can be used to describe the pride Madrid has in its LGBTIQ population: pride so great it has its own nickname, ¨MADO¨ (Madrid Orgullo).

To have pride in something is to not only respect it, but celebrate it. As much of the world is required to hide their sexual orientation, Madrid will put it out on display in a 10 day festival this summer for World Pride Madrid 2017! Beginning on the 23rd June and continuing on to the 3rd July, this festival will include an opening ceremony, a race, an inauguration, and of course, an enormous parade. The festivities will spread from the Chueca neighborhood (a popular area for Madrid’s gay community) to the main streets of Madrid and it is predicted that over 2 million people will be in attendance! You do not want to miss out on this chance to support diversity in your community—and party a little bit too of course!

Friday June 23rd
Opening Ceremony hosted in the Calderón Theatre.

Sunday June 25th (begins at 10am)
Diversity Race!—This new event will take place in the Plaza de Colon and is meant to emphasize the acceptance and love Madrid holds for their diverse population.

Monday June 26th 
Madrid Summit—a Conference of Human Rights featuring prominent speakers from around the world. Sponsored by the Madrid city council, this three day event (26th- 28th) will be held at the Autonoma University of Madrid and aims to provide a healthy dialogue that explores and contemplates the all areas of society in which a LGBTIQ member experiences differential treatment.
(Monday 8am-7pm) (Tuesday 8am-6:30pm) (Wednesday 8am-7pm)

Wednesday June 28th (noon- 10pm)
Rainbow Night!!—This is an artistic, cultural exposition in WorldPride Park that will host the exhibitions of a variety of LGBTIQ groups and allies. There will be a small market, local foods, a cultural performance and the community exhibition.

Saturday July 1st (6pm- midnight)
World Pride Parade—also known as the ´manifestation,’ this event is guaranteed to be the highlight of the festivities with its colorful collaboration of LGBTIQ pride and Euro Pride groups!
Sunday July 2nd
Closing Ceremony will take place in the Plaza Alcalá.

Euro Fest Incorporation:
This year, World Pride Madrid is so large because it has merged with the Euro Fest to form a full week of festivities. We recommend that you visit the World Pride Madrid 2017 website to discover more details on the event and what you can do to register for events and show your LGBTIQ and European pride! (http://www.worldpridemadrid2017.com)

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