7 jul 2017

¡San Fermín! - Run with the bulls

The fiestas of San Fermín or Sanfermines are a celebration in honor of San Fermín (copatrón of Navarra) that takes place every summer from the 6 to the 14 of July in the Spanish city of Pamplona. One of the most famous activities of the Sanfermines is the bull run, which consists of a route of 849 meters in which the young men run in front of the bulls and culminating in the bullring.

By definition, San Fermín is synonymous with partying in the street. So the pamploneses spend the week in the street enjoying sangría, sun and music. The big week of Pamplona begins with the launching of the "chupinazo" (a rocket) from the balcony of the Town Hall on July 6 at 12h. From that moment a traditional and very fun party begins: shows, dances, parades and bulls will be the protagonists of an unforgettable week.

¡Have fun and run fast!

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