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¡Veranos de la Villa! - August: hot weather & refreshing plans

We are so lucky to be able to support such a wide array of events this summer! Join us to support our local and international artists as we attend their unforgettable events. With such variety, there are bound to be many experiences that you would be sorry to miss!

António Zambujo 
Tuesday, August 1st

Do you hear that music? It´s so good that it has to be António Zambujo! Come see his free concert that celebrates music from around the world with his cosmopolitan sound. The doors open at 21:00 and takes place in the Auditorium inside of Lineal del Manzanares Park. 

Puppets Night! 
Wednesday and Thursday, August 2nd & 3rd

Tonight, in the Theatre of Títeres inside of Retiro Park, there will be a few puppet and marionette shows that are sure to make you smile. Rodorín and José Antonio López Parreño prepared a dramatic and funny story for us from 20:00 to 21:00. Afterwards, from 22:00 to 23:00, Mr. Barti and Alex Marioneta have another piece for us about the life of a prodigy marionette. The young puppet is a prodigy pianist who plays eccentric music and eventually reached fame due to his passion for rock and flamenco. These shows are the perfect night out for a family because they make people laugh, regardless of age.

Urban Slackline 
Friday, August 4th

Do you want to have fun but you get tired of the usual activities? How lucky that there is a slackline competition on August 4 from 17:00 to 23:30. Watch, practice, or compete in the slackline events that always impress the audience. The open workshops are from 18:00 to 20:00, so if you want to participate, plan the day accordingly. Tickets are free and the event will be at Pablo Ruiz Picasso Square.

Madrid Suena #2 
Saturday, August 5th

From 11:00 - 21: 00 you can enter a pool party with several DJs and live music groups. For only 4,50€, enjoy club music, house music and also the blackest rhythms such as Jazz, disco, funk, and soul. Everything will happen at the Municipal Sports Center Francos Rodríguez, but the question is - will you go there?

Valgeir Sigurdsson 
Tuesday, August 8th

If you like classical and contemporary music, come to the Auditorium inside of Las Cruces Park at 21:00 to listen to this exceptional music. The event is free and there is no doubt that you will enjoy their profoundly northern music.

Night of Shooting Stars 
Thursday, August 10th

This day represents the intellectual and scientific side of Madrid with an astronomy exposition. They especially chose this day because our planet is passing the 109/Swift Tuttle´s orbit; a comet that we only get to see every 133 years! This means that this is our grand opportunity to see it and learn a bit about space too. From 20:30 to 22:00 there will be workshops of various astronomical themes and from 22:00 to 1:00 there will be telescope observations! There are also some notable guests that will host short lectures about what you should be looking for with your telescope as well as other astronomical topics. The whole event is free and occurs in the Auditorium inside the Enrique Tierno Galván Park.

Enrique Tierno Galván Park

 Milonga Junto Night with the Royal Quintet 
Wednesday, August 16th

In Berlin Park there will be a phenomenal night of music and dance. The free event is from 21:00 to 24:00 and celebrates the tango with live music from the Royal Quartet. There will also be professional tango dancers and a large crowd of people dancing the night away.

Film, Music and Magic: with Victor Chomón II 
Thursday, August 17th

Victor Chomón the Second is one of the most famous silent movie directors of all time. Responsible for classics like The Electric Hotel (1908), Bizarr Symphony (1090) and The Red Spectrum (1907); we celebrate the master with a day full of his movies, accompanied by live music. Kevin Toma has designed the experimental music and we are very proud to present this free event. It will be held at the cross of Bravo Murillo Street and Cea Bermúdez Street with the festivities beginning at 22:00. See you there!

Submerge Yourself 
Saturday, August 19th

Come to the Auditorium at the lower gardens of the Segovia Bridge to submerge yourself in the pleasures of contemporary dance. Losdedae, a Madrileñan dance group, will perform at 19:00, 20:30, and at 22:00. We have heard that they are incredible due to their choreographer, Chevi Muraday, who won the National Dance Prize in 2006. The tickets are free so there´s no reason to miss out!

Circus Soirée #3 
Sunday, August 20th

Third Circus Evening for the whole family:
Twisting the Balance / Political Circus presents once again, in the context of the Circus Evenings, its special creation for Veranos de la Villa: Future animal, a project of Leire Mesa and Rolando San Martin for which the creators have carried out an investigation Previous on each space and the inhabitants of its proximities. From the bowels of the circus, Future animal asks about evolution and involution: are we going towards a more harmonious world with nature or do we evolve towards our most animal part?

Block Party 
Friday, August 25th

 Night dedicated to new sports that are already part of the landscape of our cities, such as parkour or tricking, associated with hip-hop culture. Parkour consists of acrobatic movements through urban spaces overcoming obstacles such as unevenness, fences, gaps, heights ..., without any other means than the impulse of one's own body. Tricking is a flat floor acrobatics practice that combines sports gymnastics, martial arts and break-dance movements, with an aesthetic based on deadly jumps, kicks and turns.

Exhibitions, workshops, DJ's of urban music and concerts.

Christina Rosenvinge 
Wednesday, August 30th

A mix of electronic and pop music. Coming from the most famous New York nightclubs to Madrid, Christina will amaze everyone with her unique style.
 All this will take place in Parque Quinta de Los Molinos, a park full of green spots to lay down and enjoy music.

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