18 jul 2017

Veranos de la Villa - July full of plans

Madrid in summer does not rest, from outdoor events, concerts and even parties, the city is full of enthusiasm and summer joy. Do not miss the events that will be held in the next two weeks!

Yabba                                                                                                           19th- 20th of July

If you are looking for undefined art, María Jerez might be your new muse. The Madrileña’n artist is known for her art that eludes common recognition—for example, one of her works depicts a scarf blowing over a highway, but the way it is flying makes it appear as a cloud of black smoke. Her work focuses on the incapacity to name what you see, and her exhibit is absolutely worth a visit. She will also be accompanied by Lanoche, an experimental electronic music group. Tickets are free to see her work in the Madrid’s Matadero at 21:30.

Salsa Night                                                                                              Thursday, July 20th

The famous Orchestra La-33 is coming to the Explanada Multiusos Madrid River to spoil us with their music! This night of dancing will begin at 21:00 and we anticipate salsa rhythms, Colombian music, and even Ibero-american music. With free access, there is no reason to miss out!

Santiago Auserón and the Symphonic Band of Madrid                           Friday, July 21st

Come to a free concert! Santiago Auserón, one of the most memorable musicians from Castilian music of the 80s, will be presenting us with a wonderful show on Friday. Take a journey through his many successes as 21:00 in the Pilar García Peña Auditorium. ¡We hope to see you there!

In a Strange Land                                                                                   Saturday, July 22nd

Are you an aficionado of old music? Or do you just want to discover what old music was like? Well, we have an event especially made for you. Listen to polyphonic music from the English Renaissance in the Cemetery of Almudena Ciudad Lineal. The event begins at 21:00 and has open access to the public. Uncover something new in the old.

Rosalía + Raül Refree                                                                                Sunday, July 23rd

There is nothing more Spanish than Flamenco dancing; but this show takes it to another level. At 21:00, an experimental Flamenco show begins and will leave you speechless. Come to the Auditorium in Cuña Verde Park to enjoy this free event. 

Access                                                                                                         23rd- 24th of July

This piece, created by Pablo Larraín and Roberto Farías, tells us the story of a young man growing up in the streets of Santiago de Chile. Each day, he sells cheap items on the street in order to make enough money to survive, but that is not all that life has in store for him. The show begins at 21:00 in the Cineteca-Matadero Madrid and is presented in a monolog format that is sure to captivate you. Join us for this intense societal analysis as we delve into themes of abuse, exclusion, resistance, and what it is to be human.

Poets on Moyano Territory                                                                Wednesday, July 26th

Join us at 20:30 to enjoy a day that celebrates everything that it is to be a poet, no matter what kind. The event is free, occurs in the Cuesta de Moyano inside of Retiro Park and you can pick and choose whichever events interest you most!
·         20:30 Norma Fierro—Spoken Word Genre
·         21:30 Ajo & Judit Farrés— Micro-Poems
·         22:30 Saul Williams-- Hip Hop Poetry

A Voces: El Pele y Pedro El Granaíno + Pastora Galván                    Thursday, July 27th

Great music, impressive dance moves and a great location--come and enjoy the flamenco show! It begins at 21:00 at the Auditorium inside Lineal del Manzanares Park and includes free access for all guests.

Tribute to Gloria Fuertes                                                                              Fridat, July 28th

A day like today, a hundred years ago, on July 28, 1917 Gloria Fuertes was born in the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés, where she lived her childhood and adolescence. This neighborhood girl, of humble origin, would become a heterodox and unclassifiable poet whose work has become part of popular culture. 
Her poems have moved and made children and adults smile with a script full of sensitivity and full of humanity. This will take place in Lavapiés Neighborhood at 20:30 and it has free entrance.

Madrid Suena                                                                                           Saturday, July 29th

In the Centro Deportivo Municipal San Blas, from 11:00 to 21:00, there will be a DJ and live music! It only costs 4.5 Euros to enter, but this music festival will be one night you´ll never forget. A lot of the musical groups represents the underground style and others bring black rhythm to the table as it appears in Jazz, Disco, Funk, and Soul music all night long!


Circus Soiree                                                                                             Sunday, July 30th

¡Vaivén Circo presents to us a lively show called Do Not Disturb that impresses and excites their audience without question! The complete performance won the National Circus Prize in 2016 and this show on Sunday includes the political circus of Twisting the Balance and the dangerous antics of (Rêve). The event begins at 20:30 in the Agustín Rodríguez Sahugún Park and you should expect a crude, physically contorting show that pushes its artists to their limits. Entry is free, so there´s no excuse to miss it!

More details at Veranos de la Villa

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